Plantation Fancy A Coffee

Pambadampara Farm, India

A coffee with a rich aroma and sweet acidity, filled with deep flavours of nuts and malt, and finishing with sweetness and flecks of acidity which makes a well-balanced cup.
Situated at an altitude of 3700ft, the estate was first developed by JJ Murphy, often referred to as the pioneer of planters in India. It owns the reputation of being the first organised cardamom plantation of the country. Coffee was introduced here as early as 1965. Now spread over 1000 acres of prolific coffee plantation interspersed with forest trees.
Pambadampara Farm is the winner of the Regional Fine Cup Award, instituted by Indian Coffee Board, for washed Arabicas continuously for the last 8 years. It is now run by S.B.Prabhakar, the 4th generation planter, who is steadily making valuable additions to enrich the estate.

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