When they‘re gone – they’re gone!

We get a new selection of tapped, bottled and canned beers every week, from some of Scotland and England’s best craft breweries, big and small. Look out for some local special editions and new discoveries from further afield.

Bottled and canned beer

Basquland, Imparable IPA

330ml (Spain) 6.8% ABV – £6.15

Aromatic hops with notes of tropical fruit and pine. Light sweetness, rounded body and balanced aftertaste.

Brasserie de la Senne, Bruxellensis

330ml (Belgium) 6.5% ABV – £8.65

Amber colour with copper reflections, fruity with lots of hops this is a true thirst quencher.

Black Isle, Scotch Ale

330ml (Scotland) 6.8% ABV – £6.00

Amber colour with malty aroma, caramel, toffee – fudge, nutty notes. Medium body soft carbonation.

Black Isle, Goldfinch

330ml (Scotland) 3.5% ABV – £4.10

Bursting with citrusy zing, this light session IPA comes with the added bonus of being GF

Brew By Numbers, 01/16 Saison

330ml (England) 5.5% ABV – £4.25

Golden with zesty citrus and peppery notes. Deeply refreshing.

Buxton/Omnipollo, Ice Cream Pale Ale

330ml (England) 5.6% ABV – £9.70

Malty aroma, roasted, coffee, caramel and chocolate. Moderate to sweet flavour, medium body.

Mad Hatter, Toxeth – IPA

330ml (England) 6.5% ABV – £5.80

Pale, tropical aroma, medium sweet and piney.

Siren, Broken Dreams – Stout

330ml (England) 6.5% ABV – £4.65

Dark with gentle aromas of smoke and coffee chocolate and oats with a smooth finish.

Wild Beer, Sleeping Lemons – Gose

330ml (England) 6.0% ABV – £4.45

Sour wheat beer brewed with preserved lemons, salty, tart apple and lemons. Refreshing and tangy.

Beavertown, Black Betty – Black IPA

330ml (England) 7.4% ABV – £5.45

Toasted malt on the nose with chocolate and bitter coffee and hop palate medium body and well rounded.

Beavertown, Smog Rocket – Porter

330ml (England) 5.4% ABV – £4.80

Smokey, toasted aroma with coffee, chocolate taste and malty finish.

Beavertown, Gamma Ray – APA

330ml (England) 5.6% ABV – £4.50

A juicy tropical American Pale Ale

Anchor California Lager

330ml (USA) 4.9% ABV – £4.75

Hoppy, bright and citrus, refreshing, clean and drinkable.

Fallen, Chew Chew – Milk Stout

330ml (Scotland) 6.0% ABV £5.05

Sweet milk chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla. Toasty and rich yet gentle on the finish.

Fallen, New Odyssey – Blonde

330ml (Scotland) 4.1% ABV – £4.75

Light, tropical fruits and citrus with pale grain malts.

Magic Rock, Common Grounds – Coffee Porter

330ml (England) 5.4% ABV – £4.75

Full body, smooth coffee and maltiness with sweet toffee and rich fruits.

Tiny Rebel, Cali – Pale Ale

330ml (Wales) 5.6% ABV – £4.65

Tropical, sweet and citrus nose balanced by earthy tones and a smooth bitterness, well rounded and pleasing.

Fierce Beer, Tropical Tart – Sour Fruit

330ml (Scotland) – 4.5% ABV – £4.75

Sweet passion fruit and mango, enticing aroma with a punchy tart enveloping finish.

Fierce Beer, Day Shift – APA

330ml (Scotland) 5.0% ABV – £4.70

Aromatic, fruity aroma. Well balanced citrus and piney taste with a rounded finish, extremely drinkable.

Fierce Beer, Moose Mousse – Chocolate Stout

330ml (Scotland) – 4.5% ABV – £4.40

Chocolate and cocoa notes, yet smooth, light and session-able.

Fierce Beer, Dirty Sanchez – Chipotle Porter

330ml (Scotland) 6.5% ABV – £5.20

Chocolate and smokiness give way to a mild, then building balanced kick of chipotle chilli which lingers long enough until the next sip.

Redchurch, In Barrels – Pinot noir barrel aged sour beer with plums

330ml (Scotland) 7.0% ABV – £8.50

Foot pressed sour plums from the National Orchard Collection in Brogdale, Kent. The pressed plums or ‘must’ goes through a process called carbonic maceration then a natural fermentation which begins the breaking down of the skin and flesh of the plums. Honest and natural expression of the fruit, tart and complex.

Redchurch, On Skins – Sour Ale

330ml (Scotland) 6.7% ABV – £6.80

Sour ale made with blueberries.

Redchurch, Urban Farmhouse

330ml (Scotland) 3.8% ABV – £5.65

A mixed fermentation farmhouse ale. Trappist yeast gives fruitiness, lacto fermentation gives acidity and brett adds a touch of farmyard funk. A complex session ale.

Redchurch, Dry Hop – Sour Beer

330ml (Scotland) 5.0% ABV – £5.45

Sour beer with massive grapefruit flavour from a dry hopping of Citra

Wild Series: evolving range of beers brewed with wild yeasts, mixed and bacterial fermentation and foraged and cultivated ingredients some of which are fermented and aged and matured in a variety of oak barrels.

Black Isle, Goldfinch – Gluten Free Pale Ale

330ml (Scotland) 3.5% ABV – £4.10

Bursting with citrusy zing, this light, refreshingly hopped session IPA comes with the added bonus of being certified Gluten Free.

Anchor, Californian Larger – Larger

355ml can (America) 4.9% ABV – £4.75

Made in San Francisco with two-row California barley, cluster hops (the premier hop in 19th-century California), and lager yeast. Its golden colour, distinctive aroma, creamy head, balanced depth of flavour, and smooth finish make this a delicious celebration of California’s unique craft brewing heritage.

Mikkeller, Single Hop Simcoe – Double IPA

330ml (Denmark) 8.9% ABV £10.00

Magic Rock, High Wire – Pale Ale

330ml (England) 5.5% ABV £4.75

Hoppy, tropical nose. Mango, lychee and grapefruit contrast with a malty base and bitter finish.

Schneider, Blondes Tap 1

500ml (Germany) 5.2% ABV £5.90

A favourite German wheat beer

Schneider, Alc Frei

500ml (Germany) 0.0% ABV £3.75

A non alcoholic  wheat beer that doesn’t compromise on taste

Malty caramel, hoppy, pine, grapefruit and orange aroma. Flavour is moderate sweet and heavy bitter with a long to average duration. Well balanced medium body.

Bottles to share

3 Fonteinen, Oude Gueze

750ml (Belgium­) 6.0% ABV – £28.00

Sour apple, lemon and grape aroma. Sour on the palate with a long dry aftertaste.

Wild Beer, Squashed Grape – Sour/Wild Ale

750ml (England) 5.0% ABV – £17.00

Musty, red grape, grapefruit and citrus aroma. Tart, sour and zingy with an intriguing dry finish.

Wild Beer, Ninkasi, – Strong Saison with Champagne Fermentation

750ml (England) 9.0% ABV – £16.00

Yeast, apples, orange peel and spice. Champagne- like mouthfeel with apple, grape and a moderate tartness and dry aftertaste.