Our first birthday, and our Scottish Gin Bar of Year award nomination!

When we opened our doors to the public one year ago this weekend we had a mission to provide a café-culture environment in the heart of Aberdeen city, and showcase the crafts of independent coffee growers, beer brewers, and distillers. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in just 12 months, which has culminated in the prestigious nomination for a Scottish Gin Bar of the Year award!

Our gin offering began with a modest selection of 6 locally sourced spirits, and we currently offer a considered curation of 40 gins from distillers large and small, including special editions. We strive to keep adding exciting additions to our shelf and we’re proud to say that almost 75% of our gins are from Scotland.

Our tagline is ‘Excite the Enthusiast’, and this was a key component in our submission to the Scottish Gin Bar Awards. We love nothing more than when we can inspire awe or delight in the pallet of a novice or experienced gin-drinker, or coffee-consumer; bringing them something different, something special, something craft. Especially when it’s local, or Scottish. We’re overjoyed with being considered for Scottish Gin Bar of the Year!

Look out for a special Gin Fizz cocktail on the menu this weekend in celebration of our first year in business and our award nomination 🙂

Beer highlights

Garry Russell, chief of stuff said: “I’m looking forward to getting fired into the Tiny Rebel Frambuzi. This was the first ever sour beer released from Tiny Rebel in Wales.

“You will be met with a subtle aroma of rose and raspberry before your palate is engulfed in a wonderfully tangy raspberry tartness. The taste will take you back to your childhood and days of sooking on rhubard and custard sweeties. Enjoy while it lasts.”

Also on at The Crafstman Company:

  • Wiper &  True: Milkshake, stout
  • Amundsen: Rebel King, imperial porter
  • Fierce/Brewyork: Very Big Moose Tonka, imperial stout
  • Magic Rock: Salty Kiss, gooseberry gose
  • Burnt Mill: Pintle, pale ale
  • Burning Sky: Easy Answers, IPA
  • Northern Monk: New World, IPA
  • Fierce: Cranachan Killer, raspberry pale ale

Originally published by the Evening Express as part of it’s ‘Who’s got what?’ series on 30.3.18.

Check out our full tap list here.