Check out our roaster alongside our redbrick wall – smell it – it’s a treat!

We also offer freshly roasted coffee beans to be taken home. We can grind them for your brewing method of choice if you don’t have your own grinder.

Our selection of single origin coffee beans vary in taste profile, so we’re sure to have something you will like. If you’re not sure what to choose, let us help you to find something you’ll love.

Our green bean supplier works directly with coffee farmers to make sure that we have the best quality and most exciting flavours. All the while, retaining the values of sustainability, and responsibility for a product which benefits the local community in which it’s grown.

Our beans don’t end with your espresso. We add the used grounds to enhance our plant potting soil, and will give you a free container to take away for your own garden – just ask!

Look out for our coffee grounds campaign, coming soon, showing you innovative ways in which you can use our coffee grounds at home to benefit from the anti-inflammatory and other amazing properties our beans have to offer (including body scrubs and face masks).

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