Cremariffic with massive chocolate notes and a bright fruity finish. The Artisan creation that shows milk who’s boss.

Artisan Roast’s house blend Janzsoon has been around since it first started and has remained one of its most popular coffees to this day. It’s big, full-bodied and syrupy sweet. It’s a perfect coffee for pulling espressos at home or for a really punchy filter to get you going in the morning.

It’s comprised of exquisite high altitude Arabica beans roasted to two distinct profiles. The main bean in the blend is a wet hulled Northern Sumatran from the Aceh Province. The Sumatran bean gives the blend the deep chocolate bass notes and heady tropical fruit notes. This sumatran bean just bursts through milk and is a great base espresso for a tasty cappuccino. The semi washed Brazilian bean from the Daterra State gives the blend a bright citric snap and red fruit note . This really comes through when served as a pure espresso or long black.

Together, these beans complement each other and the result is a balanced, syrupy espresso with massive chocolate notes, bright fruity finish and a wonderful crema in the espresso.

It’s an oldie but a goldie.

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Blend:   70% Aceh Province, Northern Sumatra, 30% Daterra State, Brazil

Farm:   Aceh Province, Dattera State 

Cultivar:   Various

Process:   Wet Hulled and Semi Washed

Altitude:   1000 – 1600m asl

Our supplier: Artisan Roast