Am I buying direct from the Stall Holder or The Craftsman Company?

You are buying directly from the Stall Holder. Each supplier sets up their own stall. They have a private log in to their account and they handle everything from uploading their products to getting them to your door.

Do the Stall Holders have to pay for their space?

No. It is free.

Can I set up a stall?

If you are an Independent supplier and have similiar values to The Craftsman Company we would love to help you get your quality product to local people.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with an order?

Contact the stall holder directly and if you need any more assistance you can contact The Craftsman Company.

Are my transactions safe?

Yes. We have a secure online payment system.

I have products from multiple suppliers in my basket, can I check out with one transaction?

Yes. Our system takes one payment and splits the order accordingly.

Where do you deliver?

Each stall holder will have their own delivery options. They will be displayed once you enter the delivery address in the shopping basket. You can always send them a query or an instant message?

Can I trust a Stall Holder will supply me with my purchase?

We know and have verified all the Stall Holders. They also only receive the money after they have notified the Market Administrator that the order has been completed.

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