Beer Review: Wander Beyond – Mini Milkshake, Table Beer 3%

Pouring a nice pale yellow with a thick white fluffy head and smelling like nothing but ice cream! I think Mini Milk ice lollies though I’ve heard mention of it smelling like a certain large burger brands ice cream machine too! Mini Milkshake by the Mancunian brewery Wander Beyond is the baby brother of their Milkshake IPA but bringing the ABV down has not dialled down the flavour!

On the first mouthful the hops cut straight through the sweetness and exert their presence straight away. This beer has been packed with lots of Citra and Mosaic and boy can you tell! It’s also loaded with lactose and has been made with oats, wheat and rye to give a really smooth body and creamy mouthfeel. The vanilla lurks in the background throughout but doesn’t take away from the bitter finish of the hops which sits on the back of the tongue and stays there.

As with any good table beer this is very drinkable and at only 3% you could (and I would!) drink this all day long. Pouring now at The Craftsman Company.

Thanks to Lisa MacLeod for the review!

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