Beer Review – Beavertown: Dame Melba Phantom Peach and Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Originally released in 2016 I had unfortunately missed out on this one in previous years but am certainly making up for it now with the newest batch hitting the shelves at The Craftsman Company!

Subtle peach comes in alongside Scottish raspberries balancing well with each other to create this interesting Berliner Weisse from Beavertown. It pours with a nice white head that dissipates quite quickly. The nose carries the freshness and tart whiff of the raspberries but offers a hint towards the softening effect of the peach. The body is nice and light, as with any good Berliner Weisse, the sourness doesn’t override the flavours but is ever present, lingering on the palette well after each mouthful. I am a bit of a sucker for a raspberry beer in most styles but this is one to seek out if you like your berries tart, your peaches soft and juicy and your beers a bit delicious.

Thanks to Lisa MacLeod for the review!

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