Beer review: North Brewing – Mystic Voyage 8.5%, Peanut Butter Milk Stout

There’s not much more that I love on a cold winters evening than a nice full bodied stout, unless of course you add Peanut butter into the mix. This milk stout from North Brewing doesn’t disappoint on either of these aspects. It pours dark and oily with a demerara coloured head that clings onto the glass like good peanut butter should. Smelling largely of peanut there are also strong notes of dark malt and chocolate. It is not as overtly sweet as some peanut butter stouts on the nose and feels indulgent and warming.

There are hints of red berries underneath the dominant flavours of rich chocolate roasty malts and peanut but they are subtle and compliment well. The body is smooth and seriously creamy, coating the palette, really inviting you to indulge in it. I think the peanut is nicely balanced without the alcohol masking it, coming in at 8.5% it’s no meek beer, one to be enjoyed in sips. Another winner from North Brewing Co. and pouring now at The Craftsman Company.

Thanks to Lisa MacLeod for another review!

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