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El Boton Farm

El Boton is a unique coffee for a number of reasons. The variety of coffee is very exotic, the tradition for such a long period, and the quality of the process that can be easily identified in the appearance of the bean itself, the exquisite aroma, it’s balanced cup, and the beautiful roasting that can be given to these beans

El Boton is a single state coffee farm which has been planting coffee trees from the Maragogipe variety since 1931. The farm has a very special ecosystem: this land is located at 4,430 feet above sea level, has an annual precipitation of 94.5 inches, and has humidity and soil conditions for growing the best Maragogipe beans
in the market.

In addition they have a farm shade growth production. The shade gives the beans the right humidity and temperature conditions to create the right cup characteristics. The beans are handpicked from the branch only when ripe and are carefully dried and selected.

Shipping Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom (UK)

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250g, 1kg

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Whole Bean, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka, French Press, Cold Brew, Filter/Pour Over

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