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Swiss Water Process (SWP) coffees are free of added chemicals and processed using thecleanest water possible. SWP is also dedicated to aiding initiatives that supportsustainability and the livelihoods of producers around the world.The SWP process works through diffusion, not osmosis. Initially, green coffee beans weresoaked in water until all the caffeine and flavor compounds were extracted. The beanswere then discarded, and the solution they created was run through a carbon filter thatremoved the caffeine, leaving behind only the flavor compounds—what SWP calls itsgreen coffee extract, or GCE.When SWP decaffeinates a coffee, the beans are soaked with a small amount of the GCE,which creates a saturated solution in which the caffeine leaves but the coffee’s flavorcompounds remain in place, unaffected. The GCE is like a yeast “mother.” While initiallySWP had to sacrifice some coffee to create it, once the first batch was made, it just needsto maintain the health of the GCE and keep it slowly regenerating, which it does by addingsmall amounts of clean water.Once the caffeine is extracted from the beans, they’re dried to 10.2 percent moisture andready to be roasted.Ready for some fun facts? Because the cellulose structure of a decaf bean has beenexpanded and shrunk back — but not shrunk back completely — the structure of the beanis not as tight as non-decaffeinated bean. That’s part of the reason that decafs don’tchange much during the roasting process. It’s also the reason roasters don’t hear the“crack”— the cellular structure in decaf has already been manipulated, and the traditionalcrack is moisture reaching the boiling point inside the bean and pushing through

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Whole Bean, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka, Filter/Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew

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